Laura H Elliott

“I am the same in the arts as I am with life and learning, inquisitive and driven. I have completed both self-directed practice and courses studying the arts, including an Access Art and Design Diploma and Art and Media Bachelor of Arts with Honors. Since gaining these two qualifications, I have created mixed media paintings and metal clay jewellery designs side by side. These two different mediums share more characteristics than people often think, with one medium directly inspiring the other with the subject of landscapes a unifying factor. Additionally I have constantly been exploring abstract form and colour in my mixed media paintings, crossing over to my metal clay designs. All of my artworks are directly inspired by landscapes and are influenced by my thought processes, emotions and mood at the time of creation. My artworks create an open dialogue of my experiences, thoughts, feelings akin to a visual diary, a representation of who I am and the way I processes my life and the world around me. My work can be purchased through eight representative galleries, including Gallery, Nude Tin Can Gallery, Riverside Gallery & Framing and Art in the Heart Gallery. I have coupled my artistic practice with exploring my passion for writing, which enables me present my work in a number of international print and online publications, including Art and Museum Magazine, Creativ Paper Magazine, Artist Talk Magazine and Iris Art Magazine. My artist practice is a reflection of who I am, which has always been a deep love and is something that is a part of my identity.”

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