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Framing Services

Riverside Gallery – the right place for your framing

Riverside Gallery in Barnes, London has over 30 years experience in framing and offer a huge variety of bespoke frame mouldings. With over 800 mouldings, selection of mounts and different types of glass we guarantee the best price and quality ratio. We are also happy to advise you on picture hanging. Our frames assortment is being continuously updated and extended to suite everyone's needs.

What we can frame?

  • Posters and Prints
  • Historical Objects
  • Paintings and Artwork
  • Maps and Documents
  • Photographs and Memorabilia
  • Sports Shirts/Equipment
  • Textiles/Tapestries
  • Miscellaneous Objects
  • Jewellery / Collectables
We offer a selection of 4 different types of glass

  • standard glass - low cost, 2 mm thick glass, suitable for most framing jobs. However, this type of glass does not protect your picture from UV rays and therefore it would not be recommended for valuable art exposed to direct sunlight
  • non-reflective glass - diffused glass with single side etching. Reduces the glare produced by the reflection of direct sunlight
  • acrylic - clear acrylic is suitable for large images or for use in public areas. Lightweight, shatter-resistant and looks just like glass
  • UV (various levels) glass - conservation clear glass preserves original art, limited edition prints and other valued subjects. UV protection blocks up to 99% of UV rays that would otherwise cause fading and discoloration

We offer over 250 acid-free different colours and thickness mounts

We cut all of our mounts on up to date computerized mount cutter. We can cut both square or round openings, as many as you need on a single mount. All mounts are 100% acid free which guarantees that colours of mounts will not fade or change.
  • white core, 1400 microns thick
  • white core, 2000 microns thick
  • cream core, 1250 microns thick
  • linen range, 1500 microns thick - real fabric facings
  • black core, 1250 microns thick
  • extra thick white core, 2600 microns thick
  • museum board, 100% cotton fibre board, 1350 microns thick

Picture cord

Exceptionally strong, low-stretch, rot-free, white polyester cord. Can hold up to 209kg, while picture wire tends to hold only up to 18kg.

Dry mounting

Dry mounting is a process in which artwork is permanently adhered to foam core or mount board using an adhesive. Humidity changes and shifting can cause buckling over time. Dry mounting is a great way to prevent this. Wrinkles and rips in artwork can be flattened out during the dry mounting process and can leave a wrinkled piece of art looking brand new in most cases. Dry mounting is permanent so we do not recommend it for original works of art, or valuable artwork as this can devalue the art. We will also give you advice whether dry mounting is the right choice for your art.

For all your dry mounting and laminating requirements we have hot glass vacuum press which is an essential at the modern workshop. Using patented heat technology we can dry mount a wide range of presentation materials including card, foam board and wood we are also able to mount and laminate a variety of items including photos, art prints and delicate fabrics.

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